Hospice Life Care


Our volunteer’s dedication to their patients and caregivers is to be a friend and to recognize what is special and unique to each individual.

Get Involved

Known as the “heart,” volunteers are an important part of the Hospice team.

Volunteers can serve in 4 different ways:


Support for Patients

This can include visiting, reading, taking walks, writing letters, bringing in music, running errands, preparing a small meal or holding a hand and providing a comforting presence.


Respite & Support for Family Members

Providing family members rest by being scheduled to sit with their loved ones so that a much-needed break can be taken.


Administrative Support

Helping staff with a variety of light office work such as filing, typing, admission packets, sending birthday cards and assisting with post-admission tuck-in call to patients and families.



Provide support to families and friends of deceased patients. Help Bereavement Coordinator with writing letters and making calls. Coordinate community resources and assist with support groups and memorial services.

Volunteer Training

Hospice Life Care is excited to offer both Online and In-person training options which will fully prepare you as a Hospice volunteer.


We work around your schedule by providing online training and convenient in-person training


You can complete all the training requirements at your own pace


You will be given a Certificate of Completion for Hospice Volunteer Training

Onboarding Requirements

In addition to the Hospice Volunteer training, there are a few onboarding requirements that must be completed prior to engaging your valued services.


MA CORI background verification

Driver’s license required


Complete Onboarding Documents

including an application, the volunteer orientation booklet, standards of behavior, confidentiality statement, and code of conduct policies


Work Connections (Employee Health)

Immunizations review: please bring immunization records if available
Drug Screen: please bring a list of any medications that you are taking

“Volunteering to help others is the right thing to do, and it also boosts personal happiness; a review of research by the Corporation for National and Community Service shows that those who aid the causes they value tend to be happier and in better health. They show fewer signs of physical and mental aging. And it’s not just that helpful people also tend to be healthier and happier; helping others causes happiness. “Be selfless, if only for selfish reasons,” as one of my happiness paradoxes holds. About one-quarter of Americans volunteer, and of those, a third volunteer for more than a hundred hours each year.”

Gretchen Rubin
An American author, blogger, and speaker

Why Volunteer?

Our volunteers say being present during such a precious time is an honor. Some of our volunteers have been with us volunteering for over 15 years. No one should die alone or be alone during this time. Many people are under the misconception that this is always a difficult or sad thing to do, what they don’t realize is there are also many smiles, laughter, and hugs.

Our volunteer members include:


Companionship and Respite Volunteers


Administrative Volunteers


Veteran Volunteers


Vigil Team Volunteers

Become A Volunteer