Holyoke VNA

Palliative Care

Holyoke VNA & Hospice Life Care provides in-home skilled services to patients with serious illnesses such as congestive heart failure, end-stage kidney failure, Alzheimer’s disease, lung disease, end-stage Parkinson’s disease, ALS, and forms of dementia through their specialized Palliative Care program.

A Whole-Person Approach

Palliative Care considers a patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs and relieves serious illness symptoms and stress. It can be provided at any stage of illness, including alongside curative treatment.

Palliative Care Team

We work closely with your physician to provide comfort by treating symptoms such as pain, nausea, difficulty breathing, and poor appetite. We also address emotional symptoms like grief, sadness, anxiety, and fear, as well as family stressors and coping difficulties.

Is Palliative Care the Right Fit?

Our team will help determine if Palliative Care is right for you or your loved one. Most insurance companies, Medicare, and Medicaid usually cover Home Care Services. The Palliative team will collaborate with case managers, discharge planners, and social workers to verify insurance coverage for these services.

Your Care Team

The Holyoke VNA & Hospice Life Care team is custom-made to fit your needs and the demands of your illness. The Palliative team provides an extra level of support and focuses on goals to support the patient and the family throughout the illness.




Physical Therapist


Occupational Therapist


Social Worker


Home Health Aide


Speech Therapist

Why Choose the Holyoke VNA & Hospice Care Palliative Team?

We strongly feel that quality of life and focusing on patients’ individualized goals are significant in symptom management. Our nurses have a strong background in palliative care and are experts in their field. Our patients are offered a social worker to help and guide them in dealing with the emotional impact of their serious illness.

Skilled services are offered all under one roof, with no outsourcing

We recognize you are more than your illness

We help you navigate the complex decisions and challenges you face throughout your journey