A Mission of Service

About Us

Holyoke VNA and Hospice Life Care has been a trusted, long respected Home Health Agency serving Hampden and Hampshire counties since 1905. We offer a full range of services including Home Health Care, Palliative Care and Hospice Care and are committed to this and the patients and families we serve.

We have grown and evolved throughout the years to become the most experienced leader in the region, never wavering from our commitment to providing compassionate, quality care. We strive to improve access to healthcare in the communities we serve, promote cultural diversity and we respect individuals’ values and beliefs.

Our Philosophy is Grounded in the Following Values:

Deep Respect for the Patient and Family:

We provide compassionate, individualized care. We seek to foster participating in and understanding of the healing process for the patient, and the family.

A Holistic Approach to Care:

We believe that the physical, social, and emotional spheres impact health, and we intervene on these levels where appropriate.

Cooperative, Service-Driven Relationships with our Partners in Health:

We realize that we are only one part of an overall continuum of care. By working collaboratively with, and providing exceptional service to physicians, hospitals, and social service agencies, we facilitate the health and well being of our patients, and the increased efficiency of our nation’s health care system.

The Importance of Each Employee's Contribution:

We recognize that each employee’s efforts contributes to the overall achievements of the organization.

Openness to Change:

We recognize the current upheaval of the health care system will require our organization to be flexible and creative. We strive to see change as a challenge to be met rather than feared.

Mindful & Efficient Management of Resources:

We know that our future ability to serve patients is dependent on our present vigilance in the management of our resources. As stewards of the organization’s mission, our daily decisions are dictated by an ongoing commitment to provide health care services to our community.

Meet Our Team

April Bartley

Executive Director

Jennifer Martin

Director of IT and Operations

Rita L. Hurley

Director of Clinical Services

Kathleen Albert

RN, BSN Staff

Kristin Held

Director of Marketing and Business Development

MaryAnne Catanzaro

Director of Hospice Services

Bill Norwood

Sr HR Business Partner

Our Service Area

Serving Hampden and Hampshire Counties 

The Holyoke VNA is a private not-for-profit subsidiary of Community Health Foundation of Western Massachusetts, Inc. and is affiliated with Valley Health System, Inc. The Holyoke VNA is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors from the community, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, handicap, genetic information, military service, ancestry or age in admission or access to, or employment to its programs or activities.

Why Holyoke VNA & Hospice Life Care?

The Holyoke VNA and Hospice Life Care is a certified not-for-profit home health agency with a long and respected tradition of providing quality health care since 1905. We offer a full range of services including Home Health Care, Palliative Care, and Hospice Care.

Highly skilled, caring professionals, experts in their field

Compassionate care through all phases of life’s journey

Referrals can be made 7 days a week