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Virtual Bereavement Support Group

Hospice Life Care's (HLC) Bereavement Program is pleased to announce a new, innovative Bereavement Support Group, because there are many diverse paths in the healing process.

HLC will host a virtual support group designed to expand our access to those diverse paths by introducing alternative forms of connection and communication.

Participants will be invited to explore both their grief and their joys on a private, secure website through the use of photography, drawing, and writing. Along with Cary Quigley, HLC's Bereavement Counselor, the group will explore these visual statements together, in-person - as a group - online, by discussing how this powerful and meaningful expression is contributing to healing.

It is not necessary to know computers, photography, writing or drawing. Cary Quigley, Bereavement Counselor for Hospice Life Care, will be available to help you. Let your grief and joy and hope speak through your pictures, your words, and your treasured memories. We will see emotions represented through the different images and understand the compassion in each one.

Please call Ms. Quigley at (413) 887-5552 for further information or to join the support group. HLC Bereavement Project is a safe place for invited members to express both their grief and their joy through photographs, written expression, original artwork, or meaningful historic pieces.

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